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Many turn to social media sites and the opinons and suggestions of their increasingly growing social networks when it comes to deciding about products and services. So, if you’re not making use of social media marketing for your business, you’re missing out on major opportunity.

We create social media campaigns to build a larger audience for your business in general, to spread the news about product or service launches, share compelling customer stories, etc. and leverage social networking for enhanced reach.  

Social Media Stats to Consider:

  • 41% of tablet owners & 38% of smartphone owners use their device daily - largely for social networking activity - while in front of their TV screen - and we average more than 33 hours of tv/video time per week! (Nielsen)
  • 26% of your audience is more likely to pay attention to an ad that has been posted by someone in their social network (Nielsen)

Why Social Media Works

When you have a presence on social media sites, potential customers have the chance to learn more about your company and how other customers view your products and services.

  • Cost-effective marketing – If you want to take advantage of an inexpensive method to reach a wide number of people interested in your products, you can easily create free blog and social pages and post on social media sites without opening your pocketbook.
  • Enhanced targeting  – Most social networking sites catalog preferences of users and geographic data. This makes it very easy to deliver advertisements only to people who are most likely to buy your products and services, rather than marketing blindly.
  • Share latest news and promotions – Give potential customers the chance to learn more about your company and let them in on your latest news, products, services and promotions. Make them a part of your community.

Social Networking Platforms We Use

  • Facebook – As the largest social networking site, you simply cannot do without marketing on Facebook.  With your Facebook company page, you can build a fan base and interact with fans of your products or services.  We can help you significantly grow your fan base.
  • Twitter – Twitter gives your business a personal touch and helps you share messages in real-time. It lets you keep your followers up to date on everything related to your business in a concise and digestible manner. We can help you attract and update new followers.
  • YouTube – People love sharing videos, and YouTube provides opportunity for viral marketing. YouTube can also make it easier for you to put a personal face on your business by creating videos with your staff.  We can help your videos obtain increased views.
  • Linkedln –  This site is the supreme site for working professionals. You can use this site to reinforce your branding efforts by creating and promoting a company page. We can create and maintain your profiles.

What Our Social Media Marketing Strategy Entails

  • Overall Strategy – We customize a social media strategy that makes the most sense for your business and can attract the most customers.
  • Building Social Media Accounts, Profiles, Blogs – We set up and create all of your social media accounts with a consistent vision for brand identity.
  • Account Maintenance – Regular updates, commenting, blog posts and sharing.
  • Monitoring & Reporting – Regular monitoring of social media community feedback. Are people engaged? Are people responding positively? Is the brand and business benefiting from the user interaction?  

Now, if you want to truly interact with your customers, build brand awareness about your products for targeted audiences, and advertise cost effectively, then the right social media marketing strategy should be a strong option for you.

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