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Fusion Internet Marketing Services

You may have a stellar website with cutting-edge functionality and dynamic design, but if you get very few visitors, what’s the payoff? Or you may have an exceptional traffic stream flowing to your site but get very few clicks to “buy” or “contact” you because your site is ineffective at compelling your visitors. In either case your missing out on major opportunity. With years of experience helping clients achieve sustainable growth, we provide fine-tuned strategy and consultation and implementation of effective, comprehensive Internet marketing campaigns to help grow your business!  

SEO Services

Let us create a customized SEO package based on your specific goals and budget. Our Search Engine Optimization services include the following:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Site Architecture and Conversion Analysis
  • Web Traffic Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Local SEO and Geo-Targeted Campaigns
  • Web Content Development
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Panda/Penguin Recovery Help
  • Monthly Reporting
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PPC Management Services

Our Pay-Per-Click services include the following:

  • Immediate results – you can post your ad today and become instantly visible on search engines.
  • Clear metrics – with pay-per-click advertising, you can track every penny you spend.
  • Focused targets – with each ad that you list on search engines, you can target a specific keyword, market and demographic. You’ll have the opportunity to balance multiple, refined targets at once and will clearly determine which, ad copy, keyword, landing page design, etc. generates the most leads/business.
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Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social Media Campaigns include:

  • Overall Strategy – We customize a social media strategy that makes the most sense for your business and can attract the most interested and relevant prospects.
  • Building Social Media Accounts, Profiles, Blogs – We set up and create all of your social media accounts with a consistent vision of brand identity.
  • Account Maintenance – Regular updates, commenting, blog posts and sharing.
  • Monitoring & Reporting – Regular monitoring of social media community feedback. Are people engaged? Are people responding positively? Is the brand and business benefiting from the user interaction?  We provide Social Media analytics reporting.
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Copywriting Services

Our copywriting services include creating engaging and compelling copy that elicits response. Our Copywriting services include:

  • Website Copy – Let us write engaging web copy that captures your audience, holds their attention and persuades them to take action.
  • Article Marketing and Blogging – We create high quality, researched articles on any topic to educate users about your market, product/service, business updates etc., We draw on specific user needs and interests to more effectively build brand awareness at the same time that we are helping you increase traffic. We create blog posts with a creative, engaging touch while staying true to your brand identity.
  • Press Releases – Our writers write headline grabbing press releases with newsworthy content that will draws both the media and consumer interest.
  • Ad Copy – Effective PPC ads that are relevant to what your audience is looking for and that turn searchers into clicks. Print advertising to supplement your online marketing and create a consistent brand voice and identity.
  • Marketing Collateral – Marketing and sales collateral that helps you professionally and effectively present your vision for you organization and brand.
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Consulting Services

Our SEO and Content Marketing Consulting is designed for companies that already have an in-house marketing team and webmaster and that can benefit from our Online Marketing expertise and guidance. We will work with you to create a strategy with long-term success in mind and guide you through the implementation process.  

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To learn more about our internet marketing services call us at 888.640.7867 or email us at info@fusioninternetmarketing.com.

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