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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also referred to as Search Engine Marketing, adds a few important advantages to your online marketing campaign:

  • Immediate results – you can post your ad today and become instantly visible on search engines, relevant websites and mobile devices.
  • Clear metrics – with pay-per-click advertising, you can track every penny you spend.
  • Focused targets – with each ad that you list on search engines, you can target a specific keyword, market, and demographic. You’ll have the opportunity to balance multiple, refined targets at once and will clearly determine which ad copy, keyword, landing page design, etc. generates the most leads/business.

Paid Ads Can Earn Consumer Trust

  • 40% of global survey respondents trust search engine ads (Nielsen)
  • 29% of global survey respondents trust text ads on mobile phones (Nielsen)

Display Vs. Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Search Advertising allows you to display ads in search engine results based on the keywords a person uses for their search query. This type of dynamic advertising also allows you to target factors such as location, age and demographic.

Creating compelling ads can help drive searchers, who are primed to take action, to your site. We consistently optimize and monitor your ads to increase ROI on your ad spend.

Display Advertising

Display advertising allows you to build brand awareness and engage prospects with eye-catching ads that maximize visual impact in optimal positions on the pages that prospects are viewing.

Landing Pages that Generate Leads

Like any other aspect of a marketing campaign, pay-per-click advertising should be executed with a well defined strategy and ROI-focus. You can place ads that attract clicks and increase your spend, but if you aren’t generating leads, you’re wasting valuable marketing dollars. Ads should be accompanied with focused and persuasive landing pages that convince your prospects to learn more or take action.

Platforms We Use for Paid Advertising 

Google AdWords – This is the most popular platform for pay-per-click advertising, largely because it’s the search engine that gets the biggest piece of the pie as far as search traffic. Google AdWords allows you to make your site visible on a platform that has more than 100 million users. For the most relevance and success, PPC ads appear when users type in the specific keyphrases that ads are set to target.

Bing Search Advertising – This platform functions similarly to Google AdWords, with a focus on relevance for the highest level of success. Bing PPC ads appear when users type in the specific keyphrases of the ad.

Facebook Ads – This platform allows for highly targeted advertising. Advertisers have the opportunity to place ads and create market targets based on interests, location, age and more. For best ad performance, we do advise our clients to have custom landing pages for this platform.

Here is a simple and condensed breakdown of the Fusion PPC management process:

  1. Create a customized list of keyphrase targets that will produce the highest results for the lowest possible spend.
  2. Work with you to set a budget based on a prioritized list of keyphrases.
  3. Determine the best types of ads to run based on your advertising goals.
  4. Create attention grabbing, keyphrase-relevant ads to place immediately.
  5. Consistently monitor, track and assess your pay-per-click campaign so that you can see how well it performs and we can make ROI-focused adjustments as needed.

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