Executive Team of Fusion Internet Marketing

Brian Freire - Owner & Founder

Brian’s strong passion for growing businesses, his deep understanding of the complex relationship between today’s consumers and product and service marketing on evolving platforms, his keen foresight and forward looking approach and his unyielding commitment to superior quality and results are at the basis of his seven+ years of outstanding success with helping his clients achieve growth.

For clients that range from globally-recognized industry leaders to small businesses that rely on the talent and commitment of a marketing expert who believes in their business and success, Brian has designed and strategically executed marketing campaigns that have made a true difference for short and long-term projections.

He is a self-taught, born entrepreneur who believes in extremely hard work balanced with a genuine enjoyment for life.


Cindy Teruya - Executive Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Cindy is a high energy, fiercely persevering and determined marketing and communications expert with close to a decade of experience in the Search Marketing space. Leveraging her expertise in creating, structuring and managing online content and consistent development of high performing marketing, communications and advertising material, she has contributed to the growth of start-ups and small businesses as well as established companies and organizations needing to meet the demands of rapid expansion.

She is an avid traveler and explorer and has a passion for the outdoors. She attained a bachelor’s degree in English literature at UCLA.

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