LifebankUSA has been providing cord blood storage services since 1998 and is one of the largest stem cell banks in the U.S. It’s a subsidiary of Celgene Corporation. Since 2006, the company has been the only company in the U.S. to offer storage of placental blood, a patented practice.

The Challenge

LifebankUSA had some existing Google rankings on pages 2 and 3 but wanted to achieve first page rankings. Cord blood keywords are very competitive in the organic space. In Google AdWords the keyword “cord blood” was in the top 20 most expensive keywords according to WordStream. Gaining leads from organic searches was a huge challenge and meeting it would save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Strategy

Improve the keyword relevance on the site and narrow the focus to only the most profitable keywords. Developed a more keyword specific site URL structure, which included optimally grouped and categorized main and supporting pages. Implemented focused on-page optimization and developed targeted link-building strategies.

The Results

  • 1st page for “cord blood,” top 5 position
  • 1st page for “cord blood bank,” top 5 position
  • 1st page for “cord blood banking”

Oversaw SEO during a website redesign and a platform transfer from cold fusion to PHP. Project managed the overall development of their site, which garnered 1st page results for the term “cord blood.”

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